Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tot School: Stations

So, on to part 2.


Here's the stations we have right now. They rotate between the different ones and have free choice while I work with their brother or sister. They come to me and work on crafts or workbook pages. I use a couple of different workbooks with them, a few Kumon ones, and some other ones as well. The main things I'm working with them right now are: counting from 1 to 5, writing readiness skills, and for Princess recognizing what color an item should be (if she sees something red she can correctly identify it, but she can't see an apple and say that should be red).


So, at the various desks are fine motor skill activities and puzzles. At the first desk is an art skill of some sort. Some days it will be play dough, other days it will be stamps or coloring books. This is a very popular desk. I plan to also put paper to cut out there some day and paper to glue. I've also done stickers there.

Very important not to put out more than a few letters to match up, then you just get frustration.

Next I have a couple of different puzzle options, actually the next two desks have these. I usually rotate through different letter matching puzzles or some animal puzzles I found at Target one day that have the head, torso, and legs of animals to be put together.


The last desk has puzzles of varying skill levels. I have the Melissa and Doug bear puzzle, which is probably one of Princess' favorites. I also have out some peg picture puzzles. A couple of cardboard puzzles from the Target dollar aisle. I try to put no more than three puzzles out, because otherwise I just end up with a mess on the desk.


The final station that gets chosen often is our reading station. Next to the bed I have books related to the subject we're reading about for that week. There they can also use the Tag we just got, and can do flannelboard stories. They like this one, but often want to be done in a minute, and I'm trying to work on their sticking to a topic for longer, so I don't let them move yet.

We also have a magnet station, but that hasn't been as popular recently, so I might change that around. I pick up the magnet sets that Target has in their dollar aisle and put those up there along with the Leap Frog Fridge Letters.
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