Sunday, December 27, 2009

Science Sunday: Experiencing REAL snow

For those of you who live in Northern climates this may not be a big deal to you.  But, for those of us down South it is.

It snowed up in Dallas and my kids got to find out what real snow feels like.

Their opinion:  it's fun and cold, and as Peter found out later that day it can also be slippery and lead to ER visits......  We are now going to have to start our ER visit count over.

snow,Christmas,science sunday

Here's what they discovered about snow: it's cold, that you can throw it.  If you pack the snow tighter it can be thrown farther.  They also discovered it's fun to throw it at Mom and Dad.  I wasn't quite so thrilled about that.

snow,Christmas,science sunday

Their Dad led them in an impromptu experiment about ice: Does it float in water?  Superman and Princess thought it would and Batman didn't.  They threw it in and it did float.  Then they had to repeat the experiment several times.

Then they tried walking on ice.....  That didn't end so well.  Superman, who you can happily see standing up there eventually slipped, and gave us quite a scare when he said he couldn't see.  In case you're wondering a child who has lost his sight gets quite hysterical, I mean REALLY hysterical.

So, then we got to see if the ER up here is any good, and I'm happy to report we had a great experience at the ER (well as happy as you can be about an ER trip).  Superman's CT scan came back clear, and the doctor said he has a very nice looking brain with no visible signs of swelling or bruising, and after he slept for an hour or so his vision did come back and we calmed down a lot after that.

I was actually originally going to be writing about the Chia pet we started, but this seemed like a much more timely post all things considered (seeing as how I"m editing this at 12:30 tonight, and I really should be sleeping.....).

So, anyone else do anything this week? 

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