Saturday, December 26, 2009

What my kids are reading as of Christmas, or their Christmas books

You'll notice most of these are Tag books.  My kids love their Tag readers and play with them a lot, and they're great for car trips.

Clone Wars and Spiderman- we already have a copy of each of these books, but this cuts down on fight with the boys over who gets the current favorite.  So far Superman has played with the Clone Wars book 1 hour 33 minutes, and last time he took the quiz questions he got 84% right.  I'm sure you wanted to know that detail.

Princess and the Frog- we went to see the movie last Saturday, and it was AWESOME!  I loved the music, and the Princess had a lot of character and spunk.  I saw there was a Tag version of it, and knew Princess would love it.

The early readers- I honestly don't think they'll help with reading anywhere near as much as the books claim it will, but I do think they'll be good for the kids to take some time with it periodically.

Clone Wars Trade Paperback- I bought two of these, and it wasn't the one I linked to, but my kids love comics.  They also love their "Space show," but the actual show is getting too violent for them to watch.  This lets them get their fix and lets them read it.

I Am Batman- Because let's face it I have 3 superhero fans in my family, even though I call my little girl Princess she would really much rather be a hero.  She has actually told me her name is not really _______ (her real name) but Batman.

I know I'm getting them some others for Christmas, but they're wrapped up, and I don't have a clue exactly what they were.
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