Monday, December 6, 2010

Bible Alive: Happy Birthday Jesus party

So, our MOPS group had a super fun “Happy Birthday Jesus” party on Saturday and I wanted to share it with you.


Actually, that’s one of about twenty million things I want to share with you this week, so we’ll see what all I get posted between Christmas stuff and all that, oh and the release of Cataclysm which is going to suck my time up too.


Ummm…… no, I am in charge of my time and will make it do what I want.  Or some such like that.


We started off decorating bags to put their goodies in, and by goodies I really mean their craft and some candy canes.  Everything else was eaten.


Then we read them, and by we I really mean I, read them 2 Christmas books: “Who’s Coming to Our House” and “Mortimer’s Christmas Manger” (which is one of my favorite Christmas books).


After that they got to color their craft (which they completed at home because 30 something kids all cutting and such at the same time would have been chaos).


Here’s a link to the cool printable Nativity set I found.  If you’ve never checked out Catholic Icing I totally recommend it.  While most of it deals with Catholic festivals and Saints and holidays, there’s some other cool stuff on it, including a whole SLEW of cool Nativity, Advent, and such stuff they have links to and ideas.  It’s kinda like ABC and 123 for Catholics.




We moved to an active game of searching for candy canes after telling them the “Legend of the Candy Cane,” which I love.  Okay, I just have to admit I just love Christmas in general.


There’s this funny clip someone did of Rush Limbaugh where they went through and edited together all of the different “Top 10 Girl Names” he had said.  It’s really hilarious to listen to because there’s easily 20 names on there, and probably even more.  So, sometimes when I say something is my favorite I’m reminded of that.


Thankfully my kids aren’t old enough to call me on that yet, and my Sunday School class hasn’t figured out yet that I say every Bible story is my favorite or one of my favorites.

But, I digress.016


And, of course what’s a birthday party without cake.  We sang happy birthday, did you know that’s copyrighted?  That’s why on all the TV shows they sing “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow.”


Random useless trivia given for free.


Okay, but to sum it up, this is a great way to point kids back to what the season is all about, and from all the reports I heard everyone loved it.  I know we did.  And maybe some point I’ll tell all of the funny hijinks that ensued heading up to the party.  Let me tell you things did not go as smoothly to begin with as it looks in the pictures.


Now head on over to Fantastic Five who hosts Bible Alive, and if I had my glasses on I’d find the button, but I don’t, and I want to go to bed before I get tempted to try and stay up and log on………

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