Wednesday, December 8, 2010

History: The first Olympics



Okay, I pretty much am just putting this in here because the picture cracks me up.  Batman and I went to dinner on Saturday as part of our annual “Shop for your siblings Christmas present,” and he was excitedly explaining something to me.


He really cracked me up spending a good 5-10 minutes searching for a present for his brother that would have 2 guys so they both could play.

So, Olympics.  Over at All Things Beautiful she did a very cool post on the Ancient Olympics.  I remembered it when we got to this point in history and staged our very own mini-ancient Olympics.



Toothpick javelin throw.  The kids were very disappointed they didn’t get to keep throwing these.


They also wanted to use them as swords.






Racing, we opted for the hands and knees version since we were doing it inside.







Long jump, and I’m really wondering what the heck that is in the bottom corner there.


Either way the kids were all cheaters and wouldn’t jump just once.






We tried a discus throw, but it became complicated by the dog “helping.”  Really, it was helpful for some because their discus got much further.


Now head on over to Children Grow, Children Explore, Children Learn to see what others did for their history or geography this week.

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