Saturday, December 11, 2010

What we read this week

So, first I wanted to say I had the coolest experience last night of getting to see my kids are actually learning.


As we drove home last night they started talking about how the “Santa guys in that other state that is cold play tricks on people (the Yule Lads of Iceland) if they’re bad, and in that other place with the cookies they get coal, so what happens to the bad kids in Texas?”


So, we had a very long discussion about what he might give bad kids.  It was very interesting……..


On to books.


We read LOTS, but of course as soon as I sat down to write this I couldn’t remember exactly what we read and some of the books wouldn’t show up in the widget, so I didn’t add them, but here’s the biggest hits of the week:


1.  Merry Christmas Big Hungry Bear- cute story about a mouse who doesn’t want to share his presents with the bear that lives up the hill, but has decide what he will do.  The illustrations totally make this story, and there are other books in this series, but I don’t remember if I have them.


2.  Mistletoe and the Christmas Kittens- very cute story about a cat who is different and how he decides to help others even if they don’t like him. (I think we read it at least 3 times).


3.   Christmas Miracle of Jonothan Toomey- I really liked this, it’s a longer story but a good message.



Mama Talks Too Much- it just never quite jelled for us, but it’s an interesting concept.  I got it because I’m sure I do this to my kids, and I know my Mom did it to me.


Head on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns to see what others read this week.

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