Sunday, December 5, 2010

Science Sunday: Sword-fighting

003No, really I’m serious.  Okay, not really, but as we were sword fighting on Friday I realized there really is a lot of science involved.


As you’re jousting you have to figure out angles, okay that’s math.  But, the science part comes in when you get into the physics of having to brace yourself so you aren’t knocked off, or how much force to put into your “lance,” or in our case sword to knock your opponent off.



Yes, that is my view as we hacked and wacked at each other.  But think of the anatomy lesson they’re getting.


They’re learning what is a disabling hit, to the leg or arm, and what is deadly, most body shots or a shot to the neck.


Okay, I write this post mostly tongue in cheek, but have you ever thought about the learning opportunities that present themselves when you’re playing.  Why think about the lessons when you’re using a catapult.  Okay, so most families don’t have a toy catapult, but you really should get one, they’re a lot of fun.

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