Friday, December 24, 2010

How to wrap a Christmas present according to my kids



1.  Make the wrapping paper.


2.  Take a bath, you’re now filthy, and need a bath.


3.  Find the presents again, and any random toys you want to wrap.


4.  Cut a HUGE piece of wrapping paper.


4b.  Move the dog out of the way.


5.  Don’t listen to Mom about how to fold the paper, just kind of scrunch it around.


6.  Use most of the role of tape.


7.  Convince the dog not to undo all of what you did.


7b.  Make gift tags.  (Note to self next year turn off TV, and don’t buy textured cardstock, does not work with stamps).

8.  Repeat the process for the next present.


When all done, and not a moment too soon, stand back and look at your gorgeous tree!


Merry Christmas!

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