Saturday, November 19, 2011

50 State Study: New York

This is one of those states that I know we spent several weeks on, but there wasn’t much that was bloggable about it.  And yes bloggable is a word.


So……  let’s see what’s in their books:


Norman Rockwell- on the inside is the story written by that kid.  My kids only wrote one sentence, but for older guys you could challenge them to come up with more.


Building New York- one of the non-bloggable activities.  We read the book, and then put the timeline of activities in order from the page at the back of the book.  I liked this one because it does a great job of providing a nice timeline activity to look at.


Under New York- a great story about what is happening underground.  I learned some great things from reading it, and was very amused by it.


Tenth Avenue Cowboy- A wonderful story about a boy who dreams of being a cowboy, and how his dream comes true.  Everyone wrote how their dream came true, but most of the kids wrote rather silly answers.


My Ideal Park- we tied this into “What to do About Alice,” but it’s not supremely related.  Teddy Roosevelt founded our national parks, and so we talked about that a lot.


Franklin Roosevelt and Teddy Roosevelt pages- These are just a simple 2 flap book with their images glued on top.  If the boy from the book pictured above had written smaller he would only have one book with something written about each of those presidents written under the flap.  But….  he’s six, and has rather messy handwriting.


Statue of Liberty- We measured it out and saw the relative sizes….. link to the printable is there as well as a link to the site that had the measurements.


And finally: New York State Symbols


Well, now I’m staying current, more or less, with our state study reviews.  I just need to go back and add in the ones I haven’t done yet……..

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