Monday, November 14, 2011

Something wet fell from the sky and it mocked me

No really it did.


See I’ve been waiting MONTHS to draw with watercolor pencils and leave the picture out in the rain.  I saw the idea somewhere (this is why I needed pinterest, because my Evernote had gotten way too full and loaded two months later), and knew I HAD to do it.



Well………  It rained and after we’d been running around like madmen for a couple of minutes because we could feel drops of rain every minute or so.  Yes, it’s that bad.


I remembered this craft, and I got out my watercolor pencils and some supposedly water-soluble markers, and we got to it.


AND THEN IT STOPPED RAINING!  Even feeling raindrops once a minute.


So, here’s what happens if you lay your pictures on the wet floor.  Not quite the cool droplet effect.


BIG SIGH, and the saddest part of all?  It didn’t even rain enough to make mud or really make any puddles.



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