Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Review: Kid Concotions Magic Bubble Art


I was given the opportunity to try out this fun kit for Growing Tree Toys.


It comes with papers, punch out shapes, stickers, and various other odds and ends to make several fun crafts.


But the key to it all are 4 small paper cups, several straws, and 3 bottles of dye.



It took a bit of experimenting, the instructions weren’t that clear, but we finally got it all worked out.


You fill the cup about an inch full of water, maybe a little more.  Add in about 10-15 drops of dye.  The more you add the brighter the color.




Then you add a few drops of soap.  Stick the straw in and start blowing.  After you’ve created some bubbles you put your paper on top and it creates a cool marbling effect.


The kids had a lot of fun happily playing with this for an hour or so.


They never produced any of the projects from the kit, but we came up with some cool marbled papers and projects.  My favorite is Superman's “sunset.”


Doesn’t it look pretty?


Here’s my observations of it:



1.  It’s a really cool idea, and the kids enjoyed the process.

2.  There’s enough in the kit to have several rounds of making this.  Just get more cups.

3.  You can see instant results.

4.  The projects in it are open-ended enough for non-project following kids like mine, but there are specific projects and ideas for kids who need more structure.



1.  The cups that came with it are paper and will deteriorate fairly quickly under strenuous kid testing.  By the end of our lengthy crafting session the structural integrity was compromised.

2.    The instructions are not very specific.  They give pictures of what you do, but don’t give specific instructions like “Add 15 drops of dye for a light coloring,” or other information like that.

3.  It can be fairly messy, so keep that in mind, and it is a dye based project so if it gets on your skin it will not come off right away.





Would I buy this kit myself?


Yes and no.  I’m sure I will be buying this for future birthday parties we go to.  My kids would have enjoyed opening this as a present, and I will enjoy giving it.


This is a great, “Mom I’m bored” winter activity once you’ve covered it up with lots of newspaper or that old sheet for craft projects.

Owning this kit already, would I buy this kit again?  Probably not for my kids.  My kids weren’t as intrigued by the specific projects in this kit, but they loved doing it.  I know SOME KIDS would love to redo this kit over and over again, but that’s not MY KIDS.


I’ve bought some other Alex craft kits from time to time for my kids, and I don’t think I’ve ever been disappointed with them.  You can get this kit from Growing Tree Toys for $15.95.


FYI: I’m planning on using this kit again for Jacob’s Ladder in my Advent Calendar.


Disclosure: I received one for review purposes through Blogtricity to review it for Growing Tree Toys.  I did not receive any money, or any other compensation.  The opinions and tips expressed are my own.

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