Monday, November 7, 2011

New York: Oh Alice!


“What To Do About Alice”- is a cute picture book about Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Teddy Roosevelt.  It covers her life from birth to sometime after her father leaves the White House.


I highly recommend the book both for its wonderful pictures and for its great vocabulary.  Oh, and she’s so darn plucky!




But once we were done reading I was struggling to think of a good activity to do with the book.  I don’t really want to encourage the kids to follow her example……..  So, I alighted on the oh so boring and oh so great for educational purposes write a sentence about her……  We glued a picture of her on top and called it good.


I know boring, but then we talked about her Dad, Teddy Roosevelt.  For some reason our library didn’t have a particularly good one for reading aloud, it had several very good ones for 3rd grade and up, but nothing that was a good picture book.  Instead we talked about who he was and what he did.



Most notably of which is creating our national parks service.  If you’ve ever visited a national forest thank Teddy Roosevelt.  At this point my kids started being impressed because Batman loved the Grand Canyon.


After talking about that they designed their perfect park.


They happily drew and drew and drew, and you can tell their personalities.  Princess’ dream park has flowers and pretty stuff and her friends.


Superman and Batman’s dream parks have AWESOME playgrounds, and Superman added the extra detail of trees and water.


Sigh, water, I’ve heard that it can fall from the sky from time to time and get the ground wet.  Is that true?

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