Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Get your Halloween books on sale for next year

Go by the various different book stores and your Walmarts and Targets. This is the perfect time to pick up some great clearanced Halloween stuff.

What to look for?

1. Costumes- the same costume I wouldn't buy for $30, I think sounds great at $10 for our costume trunk. It saves me figuring out how to make a Spiderman costume.

2. Candy/treats- okay, so you probably have too many in your house right now, but we use them to give to our Sunday School students for bringing their Bible or answering questions occasionally. They don't care that it has a spider on it. But, you can also get the Halloween pretzel packs for cheap now.

3. Toys- I buy the holiday toys/gadgets and stuff after the fact for possible use next year, or as a fun surprise on a car trip. Again, the same item that was too much at $6 is a lot more palatable at $1.

4. BOOKS!- I love getting holiday books at 50% off or more. The longer you wait the more they're discounted, but the worse the selection. I haunt the bookstores after the holidays to find books for the next year. My Christmas selection is becoming truly ridiculous.

So, get out there and support your local economy. Okay, that part is just over the top silly..... But still, it is a good idea.
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