Tuesday, November 3, 2009

My kid's obsession with the moon


So, it's not a picture of the moon, but my kids love to go and look at the moon. And that's the only picture I have of them at night, and that's only Batman, I think.

But, I wanted to share a super popular game I played with my kids for the phases of the moon. You take 4 pieces of black construction paper (I just cut one piece into fourths), and on each piece draw a different phase of the moon: whole, new, crescent, quarter (which is really half, but it comes at the quarter phase). Then each kid gets a card, and they have to guess what phase they have. If they're right they get a button, if they're wrong they don't get a button. First kid to __ buttons wins.

Super duper popular, and I forgot to write about it back when we were studying moon.

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