Tuesday, November 10, 2009

My recent sewing projects

We've had two weeks of light schooling, relatively light, here because I've been sewing like crazy trying to get all of my various projects done.

Ages and ages ago I posted asking about a shirt to go with my dress. It's one of those long term projects I've been working on for ages and ages.

I found a gorgeous caramel colored silk and splurged on it. Then I cut it out on the largest size I could find of the pattern and pleated the neckline and sleeves.

For those who don't know,this is for smocking and this is a way to put elasticity in a garment without adding elastic. It's also a way to ensure the garment is properly modest because it's not too form-fitting (hey, that's one of the reasons for it back then, you have to find a way to gather 5 yards into a reasonable shirt).

So, here's what I've made:


Last week I made the boys shirts, I finished up the final details on my shirt, and I made this bag:


The hand-sewing for the body of the bag and the smocking of the flap was done last summer on our drive up to Wisconsin. I just wasn't sure until last week, exactly how I wanted to finish up the bag. I'm thinking of doing the lattice smocking on the bodice of my shirt to help cinch that in a little bit. Right now if I wear the shirt without an over dress or a corset it almost falls off of me. [Insert your own bawdy joke here]

Tomorrow, I'll show our actual trip to the Texas Renaissance Festival.
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