Wednesday, November 11, 2009

STart- Dinosaur cookies

Here's what happens each time I read a book that has a picture of cookies in it, "Mommy can we make cookies, can we make cookies?" This becomes the nonstop question until I make said cookies. Back when the boys were 2 this question lasted 2 months, because said cookies were meringues and I needed to get the particluar ingredients.

So, I had this planned activity....... Then we were reading through the magazine, I have no clue where I got it, but it's super cool because it has TWO, that's right two books in it: Time Train, and What Happened to Patrick's Dinosaurs. After reading the books we're looking through the different activities in the book, when the kids spot this.


Candy and cookies together, are they in heaven? So, we used up a lot of our Halloween candy decorating cookies. The candy sticks (what we used to call candy cigarettes in those less enlightened days) became light sabers. Dots and M&Ms were spots galore. And whatever other candy they could find. The whole while they narrated what was happening and what they thought their cookies really were regardless of the cookie cutters they had picked out.

And all those pictures I thought I took are mysteriously gone.



Found the pictures, okay really only one of them was worthwhile:


And here's our cookie recipe (this is a true family heirloom, I'd take a picture of the original, but it's in a shadow box. It's a newspaper article from the 30s or so:


1C shortening
2C sugar
3 eggs
1 t salt
1.5 t vanilla
3/4 t almond extract
1t baking soda (which can be left out)

Mix all of this together first, then blend in 4.5 cups flour.

Refrigerate about a half hour.

Then roll it out and start cutting out cookies. Let your kids decorate.

Things I learned during this:

1. Life savers melt in the oven and make a big mess that is hard to get off a cookie sheet, so do milk duds.

2. Candy sticks do fine as long as they're completely on the cookie (let's face it they're royal icing that's just shaped well).

3. If you have some of the cookies cut out beforehand the kids get much less impatient and enjoy the activity more.

Oh well, they were very yummy and the kids had lots of fun.

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