Thursday, November 5, 2009

Story + Art= A Great Start!: Monster Musical chairs

I'd love to claim this was related to any particular book, but we read lots of monster books last week: Monster Musical Chairs, There's a Monster in the Attic, and some various Halloween books. So, they were just itching to make a monster. And then I found a poem, or adapted a poem. I forget, and so we did both.

Materials needed: food coloring, coffee filter, stickers, shapes, markers, glue

Here's our project:


1. Get food coloring and let your kid have fun dieing the coffee filter. A word of caution do this on something you don't mind getting stained. Really. Not the kitchen table.

Photobucket By the third kid I'd figured out to make sure you put a paper towel under the project. The paper towels were left over from cleaning up a spill from kid number two....... Oh, and this was a great chance to practice using a dropper.

2. Let the filters dry for a few hours. I told them to go put them in the bath tub. Princess disappears for like 5 minutes, and I'm wondering where she's put it. She went downstairs and put it in my bath tub where she takes her baths........

Notice, again she's stripped off her shirt, with yet another claim of "It was wet Mom." 3. Take the dry coffee filter and glue it down. Now, see here's where I was a good Mommy and let them do what they wanted. I was thinking you just glue down the whole thing and voila you've got a monster body, but NOOOOOOOO they went and chopped it up into all sorts of little pieces.


4. Use obnoxiously large amounts of glue to glue it down. Paper is see through right?


5. Then start putting on stickers to make various limbs. While Mom's not looking start making lots and lots of monsters on all of the different pages and long convoluted stories about said monsters.

That was Superman's story. I only caught about half of Batman's story.

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