Monday, May 3, 2010

Art Box: creativity of Batman

So, Batman is an interesting guy.  He likes to create, and by create I quite often mean destroy, but we’ll pretend he creates.

First I give you his map.  This has been proudly displayed in his room for about a month.  It’s the first thing he created he wanted to hang up.  He says the brown stuff is water, the green fabric is land, and the yarn is a boat.  And the guy up at the top is up in heaven.  The map is how to get to heaven.  Or, I think that’s what he said, he’s changed his answer a couple of times.

I think this is a trap.  That’s my best guess.  I found this.  Batman is why I can’t leave pipecleaners or anything really out where they can be found.  He takes it and makes stuff.  Usually traps.  This evening I walked them up to go to bed, and I discovered Buzz Lightyear hanging from the doorknob by his arm with about 5 or 6 pipecleaners wrapped around him.  It cracks me up.


This is Superman.  I am sure you recognize him by his belt around his “waist.”  I guess if his arms are that far down that kind of has to be his waist, but still…….  This is pretty much the way he goes on all projects.  He gets it in his mind on how he’s going to do it, and then he goes.  He doesn’t really care if that’s what the directions are or not, that is his plan.  Don’t mess with my plan Mom.  And I don’t.  It’s not safe to.

So, that is Batman’s contribution to the Art Box this week.  Head on over to Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep to see some more kid led creations.  Truthfully I couldn’t come up with the things this boy comes up with.
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