Thursday, May 13, 2010

Great birthday present

My kids loved making this and playing with it.  We made enough to keep some at home.

To give the background, we were at a birthday party and my friend had made a fishing set really quickly out of bamboo, and some wooden die cuts from Michaels.  I thought it was just brilliant, and commented I wanted to make some.  So, we went through her backyard cutting down bamboo saplings for me, while her husband was just shaking his head thinking, why oh why…….  We however thought it was great!

Supplies: bamboo poles (I’d say about an inch thick) or dowel rods; washers; magnets (I bought a pack of 8 at Home Depot, where I also bought about 50 smaller washers), wooden die cuts (I bought mine at Michaels, but they probably have them at other craft stores), sharpies, mod podge, a strong glue that can glue metal to other objects and is water proof, small box

1.  Let your kids go nuts picking out wooden die cuts.  I probably should have restrained them somewhat, but we had a lot of fun.  While you’re there also get a small wooden box to hold the die cuts.

015 014
2.  Color the different shapes with Sharpies, or some other waterproof marker.  Hold it up to admire your work.

3.  Color your box as well.  We got a “beach themed” box, or something, and it had all of these little reeds, the kids delighted in coloring.

048 047
4.  Put a small puddle of your glue on your die cuts in the middle, and press a washer firmly down.  I figured out to use a skewer to get it firmly in there.  I also added a washer at the bottom of the pole, to hold the string on when storing.

0205.  Put a small puddle of glue on your magnet.  Drop your string into this, and then put a washer on top, sandwiching the string between.    Tie the string to the top of your dowel or bamboo, and then put some glue around it so it doesn’t slip.  Now you’ve got to let it all dry for about a day.  This is the hard part, convincing your kids to wait for that time.  

0496.  Cover the die cuts with mod podge, so they are waterproof.  Wait a few minutes for it to be tacky dry, and then flip them over and paint the other side.

058 059 
7.  Give it fifteen minutes and it should be all dry.  Have fun with your fishing game.
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