Monday, May 31, 2010

Math Monday: Dominos

002 001

So on Friday when I posted Batman’s brilliant plan of writing with an oven mitt, this is what he was supposed to be doing.

I’m sure most of you are familiar with this, but it’s a great way to do simple addition.  Grab a domino and have the kids add up each side of the domino.  Back when I was teaching first grade we did this as a fun math game.  I put one domino at each desk, and the kids went from desk to desk when the timer went off writing out and solving math problems.  This time I very carefully selected the dominos they got.  Since we haven’t done any math problems adding up to more than 9 I took out quite a few.  We also haven’t really added with 0, so that took out all of those.  I was kind of surprised how few were left at that point.

So, that’s my quick tip for you.  I’m linking this up to Joyful Learner’s Math Monday, I’ll probably also link it up to ABC & 123 with their Show and Tell Tuesday.
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