Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom’s wedding Day part 2


Mom and I pulled up and aside from being greeted by six-shooters, and a general feeling of “she’s here we can start,” I was greeted by, “as soon as the ceremony is over I’m driving over to the ER.”  And looked at Jeff’s thumb to see it completely swathed in gauze and medical tape, and I was starting to see blood through it.  This was not a good sign.
The wedding got started and Sean walked down the aisle next to Patrick.  It was an all family wedding.  Sean, my brother, performed the ceremony.  All of the bridesmaids and groomsmen were family members, except for one or two of the groomsmen.
I walked down right before the 4 ring bearers and the flower girl, as maid of honor.  I could barely walk in those boots, okay that may be exaggerating, but still they hurt.
The ring bearers all did great walking down the aisle.  Princess, not so much, she did wonderful at rehearsal, gleefully flinging flower petals all about.  When it came to the actual time to do it.  Not so much, she saw all those people and just stood there.  Her brothers more or less gently nudged her down the aisle.  Not a single petal was thrown on the actual trip down, but when we were walking back up for pictures did she throw them.
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Everyone had a really good time.  We decided that regardless of what Mom said they needed to have a first dance, so Sean announced it, and they got one.056
My brother Chad walked Mom down the aisle, we joked that’s his official role at weddings because he walked me down the aisle at mine.  Dawn, his wife was one of the bridesmaids, and obviously their boys were some of the ring bearers.

I’d show you pictures of the garter toss and the bouquet toss, but really I’ve never seen a more reluctant group of people to try and catch them.  The bouquet was caught by a girl  who was almost forced up there by her friends.  The garter was picked up grudgingly by a teenager after it’d fallen on the floor.  I think Princess was the most eager girl there, and she really had no idea what was happening.

And luckily for us, and for the wedding in general there was a playscape there, and all the cousins had a blast.  And Aunt Tara was nice enough to entertain kids while I had to be in a lot of pictures.  So, I’ll take a break from narrating for a bit, and instead just give you a bunch of fun pictures of kids playing.  My kids are such hams.
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The boy in all these solo shots is Superman, who insisted “take my picture Mommy,” and so I had about 10 pictures of him, these are the cutest 3 and probably most like his personality.  I felt kind of sorry for the photographer trying to get 5 preschoolers to all look at him, when all they want to do is play with their guns.  I kid you not, that’s all they were going to do.

I almost missed the running out, I did miss getting to blow bubbles on them, but I at least got a shot of them walking out.
Poor Jeff missed the whole reception, he grinned and bore it through the whole ceremony, and then stuck around for about 10 minutes worth of pictuers.  By the end he had bled through the entire roll of gauze and was standing there with his hand cupped as the blood dripped in his hand.    As Mom drove up Jeff got back from the ER, and told us all about what happened.


So, end result for Jeff.  And, as a random side note, let me just say he looked so handsome, and don’t you think there’s something great about a guy in a white undershirt?
Jeff had partially severed the tendon on his left thumb, and got five stitches.  The ER nurse and doctor said it was one of the worst of that type of injury they’d ever seen.  So, that was exciting in a bad way.  But, plus side the Urgent Car place he went to was very helpful gave him the stuff to change his bandage, and were very nice, from the reports I got.
And that concludes our crazy crazy wedding day.

Totally should have said how he hurt himself.  He was opening one of the toy guns for the kids, and his brand new knife he got for being a groomsman slipped right through the plastic and into his hand.  OUCH!
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