Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Teaching your kids about giving

As a Christian there are some pretty clear things God tells us to do.  One of those is to care for those who are less fortunate than us, and being in the United States that makes us pretty much better off than the vast majority of the world.  I want my kids to grow up understanding because of the many gifts God has given us we should be generous as well.  This is not some version of “White Man’s burden,” but an acknowledgement of where I am in comparison to others.


All that to say we look for ways our kids can contribute, but most volunteer places want your kids to be at least five before you can bring them anywhere.  So, we get a lot of our opportunities through our church, and this time it was Children’s Hunger Fund.  Our job was to fill up a box with food to be delivered to a family who is in need.  And this wasn’t the usual fill up the box with stuff you don’t want from your pantry, but a very specific set of food.

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So, we went to the grocery store and happily perused the aisles looking for our bags of beans, pasta, spaghetti sauce and the like.  I was really amused at the list of items.  They’re not things you necessarily want to eat all the time, but if you were eating off this list you would get the basic nutrients you need.  It just wouldn’t be as much variety as you might prefer.  I’d say this box would give a family of 4 enough meals for dinner for 3 days for sure, maybe 4 if you measured portions.  It’s hard to tell because we’re so used to the huge unhealthy portions.

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Then we carefully went through and packed up all the boxes with their required ingredients.  The boys really loved doing this.  We just had to encourage them to be careful with the jars of spaghetti sauce, which I found out after we’d packed all the boxes were supposed to be cans.  And here I thought I was doing good buying this nice jar of sauce.  Oops.



One very carefully packed box.  I think it has almost all of the required stuff.  As you can see it’s a lot of staple foods, beans, rice, pasta.  And ones that if you pack them all just right will fit exactly into the box.  There was no room left over after all of the stuff had been added.




And poor Princess was all tuckered out from our busy schedule and she slept through most of it.

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