Friday, May 21, 2010

Preschool Week in Review: What a crazy ride it’s been


I’d divide it up into different categories like I usually do, but I have to admit most of what we’ve done these past few weeks has been life school.  So, here goes.
First my Mom got married.  It was an exciting ride, so exciting I split it up into three parts, parts 1, part 2, and part 3.  It was truly a wild ride, and it ended with three exhausted and very hyper kids, and one very tired Mommy.  But, it was a good day.

We went to a couple of different parks with our cousins.  This one I didn’t write a whole post about, but this was a birthday party, you can see the fun present we made here (super fun fishing pole tutorial).  If you want to hear about the other park we played at head over to see what we think of Zilker Park.


As if all of that wasn’t crazy enough, I got sick, so the kids happily scavenged ice cream for themselves.  This led to our science post for the week, which the kids amused themselves quite happily with.  I wanted to do it on our trip to the caves, but I finally got that post written yesterday.  And you’ll see our other almost science post at the end of this in one of the few actual scholarly learning activities for the last few weeks.

We went up to Dallas for my Mother-in-law’s birthday, and got to spend the weekend, or Saturday night, at Great Wolf Lodge.  The kids remembered our trip last year.  Huh, I thought I had written about that last year, but apparently not.  I had the same problem as last year, no really great pictures.  This is them happily playing the “wand game,” that’s what they remembered about it.  Playing MagiQuest.  Which kind of cracked me up.  I did a great set of shots of Princess eating cake.

Okay, that’s our life school, are you ready for the one bit of unplanned learning we had?
Can you see what I found on the parsley that’s pretending to grow?

That’s right a caterpillar, and the kids were fascinated by it.  So, I took it inside surrounded it with lots of leaves the kids picked, and we observed it off and on all day.
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What did they observe? 
They noticed the caterpillar had sticky feet.  At first he wasn’t really moving much, I’m not sure if it was because it was slightly colder outside (but still fairly warm), or because of morning or approaching bad weather.

The biggest hit of their observations?  “Mommy look at that black thing that came out of him!”  That’s right, caterpillar poop.  Come on kids, there’s so much else to be fascinated with, and that’s what you pick.  Oh well.  Kids.

We watched him all day long, and released him right before we went up to Dallas for the weekend, with many enthusiastic goodbyes.  It was rather cute.  They’re still trying to find him in our backyard.

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