Monday, May 10, 2010

Mom’s wedding Day part one


To find out about the Rehearsal and the craziness there, go to this post.


001Saturday started off like most important days do, with too much left to do, and not enough memory to remember what you need to do.  I set off to reach Mom’s house to have my hair and make-up done a little late, but thinking I’d be okay.  Then I stopped for donuts, forgetting the usual Saturday morning rush, add 30 minutes, and I was an hour late getting over to Mom’s.



But, that’s okay because Haley did a WONDERFUL job, can you believe that’s me?  Apparently I shine up real good when you spend almost an hour putting make-up and curling my hair.  Oh, and when I actually wear jewelry.  Princess didn’t do so well at the hair styling…….  And that’s an understatement.




019They probably tried for almost ten minutes to get her to sit still long enough to get some curls in her hair.  They got some, but not as many as they wanted.  Haley and Sandy were amazed when they asked her if she wanted to look like a princess, and her answer was “No, I want to look like Batman.”  They didn’t quite know what to do with that.  I just tried not to laugh because I think Haley had a hot curling iron on my head, and I didn’t want burns.




Meanwhile Mom is getting ready and my brother Sean is calling to find out if the piano is still at the house.  It is, so he sends Jeff over to get it while he finishes setting up the sound system.  Jeff runs in gets the piano a power cord, and a couple of other things.  He then calls back about 5 minutes later and wants to know if I see the cord anywhere.  I don’t, but I search around Mom’s garage (in my wedding clothes at this point) and finally find one, and take a picture and email it to him to verify if it’s the right one.


022Meanwhile, my brother is calling to see if I found one, and Jeff is telling me he can’t see the picture, just bring whatever cords I can find.  While all this is going on my aunt and the various other ladies there head off, and it’s just me and Mom.  I hadn’t realized Mom was riding over with us.    Finally Sean says he’s going over to the church to grab some cords, and don’t look any more, just get over to the barn.  So, finally I have Princess loaded, we’ve got all the relevant stuff we need, and Mom is opening the door to my car, when she freaks out.  I mean totally freaks out.


Random side not, isn’t that the most incredibly adorable picture of Princess, and the photographer got better ones I’m betting.  I can’t wait to see the pictures, she’s holding a Cabbage Patch Kid’s horse that used to be mine as a kid, see the yarn bridle?  I made that.


And she had good reason, it seems that as she opened the car door, the rings fell off her finger and she heard a jingling sound as they fell.  I searched under the car, and there’s no sign of it.  So we look over next to us at the storm drain and think bad thoughts.  She sends me over to her neighbor’s house to see if he’s home and can help us get the rings out of the drain.   Luckily they were home and he had the materials to get the drain cover off, and he valiantly climbed in there.



As he’s climbing around in there, his wife is shouting advice to him, and their friend who I’m guessing is an amateur photographer is shooting pictures with her camera.





Finally the ring is located and he climbs out.  Then there’s a brief moment of more panic as Mom thinks the rubies have fallen out of the setting, but everyone assures her they’re there.  She just can’t see them without her glasses.

And, I’d like to emphasize, it was not me who almost lost the rings.  Just to make that clear, before my brother tries to spread any more rumors.


Quick shot of all the bridesmaids, and then I’m going to leave you hanging on who went to the ER until tonight, when I post part 2……….

037048 046 047In the pictures: Dawn (sister in law), me, Mom, Donna (aunt), Jenn  (sister in law)

Superman you can see his face with the boys, and Batman is hiding, bottom picture Batman is the one looking sad.

Part 2 to come tonight.  You finally find out who went to the ER, you get to see that we didn’t walk Patrick down the aisle with a shot gun like we joked. 

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