Friday, April 22, 2011

10 Things you didn’t know about me, and a few blogging tips

My college roommate DannieA tagged me for an award, and since I gave her a hard time for not tagging me in the last ten things or question thing, I figured I sure as heck better fill it out.

And then I gave her a hard time about her email not being enabled because I couldn’t respond back to her emails and write snarky comments.  Because I NEED to do that, don’t ya know?

So, first 10 Things about me you probably don’t know, COLLEGE edition

0681.  I went to college at Abilene Christian University, it has a large exchange student grouping, probably because it’s number one alphabetically.

2.  The first two years of college I had an 11:30 curfew, and 1:00 am on Friday and Saturday.  But, there’s not much to do in Abilene after 11:00 anyways, the stop lights start blinking about 10:00.

3.  I majored in interdisciplinary studies (that’s a fancy way of saying elementary education), and the ironic thing is I didn’t like most of my teaching classes.  That’s due in large part to the huge numbers of potential teachers who were really there to get their MRS degree.

0714.  My favorite class in college was freshman Bible, I loved my professor, he did a great job of teaching us.  My next favorite after that would probably have been Ancient World History, or maybe the French Revolution.  Definitely not Texas history.  It was at dinner time, and I so didn’t want to hear about cannibalism at dinner time.

5.  I was in the only fraternity on campus.  Yes, I did say fraternity, it was co-ed, Alpha Phi Omega.

0966.  I got thrown into the Gata fountain a total of 5 times while at ACU, sadly the tradition of throwing people into the fountain on their birthday became rather defunct when the Gatas put in a new fountain that didn’t have water in it, but just spouted water up.

7.  Because of Danette we nearly got arrested when she started a police chase and didn’t believe me that a police officer was chasing us.

8.  I watched way too much X-Files in college, and that is mostly what caused the police chase.

9.  I went dancing at Oplin, a country dancing place run by little old ladies, it’s the only approved place for ACU students to go dancing.

10.  I miss going to 9:00 devo, it was about an hour or so of singing accapela, and with the students starting and leading the songs.  It was awesome.

Okay, most of those probably didn’t make much sense to you, but it amused me thinking back to those days.

Now for my tips.  First, how to enable your email on blogger:

1 in email
1.  Go to blogger dashboard.  From there click on Edit Profile.  It’s the second one down.  If my head wasn’t killing me I’d put in arrows, but after I finish typing this I’m taking a long shower, and then taking a LOT of painkillers.  Thank you Texas, please rain already or get rid of whatever crazy thing is in the air right now.  I’m tired of headaches.

2 in email
2.  I made this one bigger to make it easier to read.  On Privacy settings is where you go to enable your email.  The third one down says: show my email address.  If you click this it will show the email address you are using for blogger to people who you send comments to.  It does not just show it to the whole world, though I suppose they could figure it out.

If you are worried about privacy or getting spam, set up a second email just for your blog.  I did that about 6 months or so ago, and have really enjoyed gmail for organizing the emails I get and send.

Okay, that’s my tip for blogging.  I’m gonna file this under blogging, where I’ve got a few other tips that I’ve found helpful (and some random posts that I need to clean up from there).  In my head I’ve got a mini-series I’ve thought about writing for things I’ve found most helpful.

Oh, and I’ve taken a very hot shower, a dose of Excedrin Migraine, and am now feeling slightly more human.  Slightly.
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