Thursday, April 28, 2011

Georgia: Martin Luther King Jr.

Shibley Smiles


As part of looking up different things about the state of Georgia I found out that Martin Luther King Jr. is from there.  So, was Jackie Robinson, but I ended up deciding to study Jackie Robinson for New York, since that’s where the team he played for was from.


But, here’s the dilemma I’m running into for famous people.  Do you study them for where they were born or where the thing they’re famous for happened?

See, MLK was born in Georgia, but his famous “I Have a Dream” speech happened in Washington DC, and many of his activist things happened in other states.  So, you can see my dilemma.  But, after all was said and done I left him in Georgia.



After reading the book they were each given a slip of paper.  On the outside they wrote “I have a dream.”


I know, very original.



My kids dreams should come as no surprise to you.  That is Superman.  His dream is to be a clone trooper with TWO guns, on the other side of the ship is a friend who only has 1 gun.


Batman wants to be Iron Man, and he’s going to fight bad guys.  Princess drew PONIES!

Man, I jinxed myself telling Jeff on the phone just now that the kids are napping.  Oh well.

Now the other, older kids mostly had dreams like “defeating sickness," or other noble dreams.

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