Thursday, April 14, 2011

How a six year old takes over the bed


See his arms and legs.  That’s the first step.  You move your legs over to the other person’s side.


Then when the other person actually lays down in bed you levitate.  That’s right last night Superman LEVITATED over to on top of me.  So, I came up with a defense last night.  It’s called a good offense.  I took over part of his side.


He countered with the ever popular unknown wet spot defense forcing me back to my side.



Picture totally unrelated to story that follows.


For this story to make sense at all you have to know some things about my Mom.  In all the many years I”ve known my Mom she has cursed all of once.  That would be when my Dad came home from spending the weekend with his girlfriend and acted like nothing had happened.  She said words I didn’t know she knew.  Now, she’s a church secretary.  So, nice calm, not particularly given to being insulting or anything.

IMG_1053 Well, we’re driving along in my car, the kids are off with Jeff, and I”m pregnant with Princess.  In the car is me, my brother and his then fiancee, and my Mom.  As we’re driving along Jenn asks Sean what she thinks of a girl named Gina.


And from behind my Mom says, “Gina is a skank.”  I just about crash the car as Mom says this because I’ve never heard my Mom says this before.  Then we drive a little further and each time Jenn says the name Gina, Mom says slut, skank, or any number of rather mean names.


Then we looked down at the iced tea she’s holding, and ask her, “Are you sure you didn’t manage to get a Long Island Iced Tea at lunch because you’re acting a little funny.”


And in case you haven’t figured it out the name of the woman who broke up my parent’s marriage is named Gina, but Jenn was talking about a completely different person.


Either way, I just about crashed my car when she said that.  There’s something about your Mom saying something like that, and then continuing to call a stranger those names that cracks me up.


Okay, we’re off in a few minutes to the kid museum.  I figured we’d get lunch before the museum so I’m being lazy about heading out.  We’ve already gone swimming this morning.

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