Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fun quick kitchen!

I saw a super cute idea from Quirky Mama for making a play stove.

I LOVED this idea, especially since we wanted to get rid of the big huge Pottery Barn kitchen we had because all that really happened with it is the kids stored stuff in it.




So, I got out my trusty Silhouette cutter, pulled up the spider web cut out I had (because I didn’t want to find paint and wait for it to dry, that would be MUCH HARDER).



You believe me right?



I cut out 3 of them, and mod-podged them onto the lids.  I thought of doing the bottom, but then it guaranteed they’d empty everything out to play with this.


So, instead I used the top and stuffed the shoe box full of blocks and little squares and erasers and all of the other miscellaneous stuff they use to cook.


That’s right my kids cook blocks.


I’ve gotten them toy food, but they don’t really use it that much.  Instead they keep using these silly little squares and blocks and whatever they find.  So, why buy that when they’ll just invent it?


I need to look up the button, it’s not on my button table yet, but I’m going to link this over to Katie’s Nesting Spot.

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