Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter fun

011Well, like I said in a post that may or may not have been published by now, this is what comes of writing posts on two different computers.  I’m finishing up posting about our fun memory type posts, and this is our Easter one.


While I may have successfully used  natural dyes with my friend from Latvia, when I attempted to do some on my own using spices I was SO not successful, so we dug out the usual dye kit and got to dying.  The kids were quite happy.



Jeff showed them how to eat hard boiled eggs by dipping the end of it in salt.  Princess was the only one who really ate a lot of it.  The boys mainly used it as a salt delivery device and licked all of the salt off.




Easter Sunday we went to church and Princess showed us how she worships God.  It was the cutest thing in the world to see her like that.  I think this is one of my new favorite pictures of her.


Afterwards we went home and the kids helped stuff their Easter eggs.  They firmly believed that was their job.  I guess there will be no Easter bunny at this house.  I have no problem with that.

029 025 026 028

033 The kids had a blast finding the eggs, I got way too many this year.  I need to figure out the right ratio of eggs to kids, but everyone was happy, so it’s all good.


I”m not entirely sure Jeff would agree with me on that.

OH well…….

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