Thursday, April 21, 2011

Georgia and the Trail of Tears


As I was researching Georgia I learned that the Trail of Tears originated here.



Supplies: 5 petal shapes ( used a punch I had, but you could just freehand it), a piece of blue paper for the background, scrap of yellow paper, hole punch, glue





1.  Fold your paper in half. 


2.  Then put 5 lines of glue on your paper in a star shape


3.  Arrange petals on the glue (I apparently didn’t take a picture of this step)





4.  Punch out  somewhere between 5-10 circles per flower.  The kids LOVED this step and argued over who got the hole punch next.




Finished product.


On the inside they glued a slip of paper explaining the legend behind the Cherokee Rose. To be completely true to the legend I needed to add the leaves, but it didn’t work for what we were trying to do.


And sorry for no pictures of the kids in action with this one, it was easier when managing 11 kids to not try and take pictures at that moment.

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