Friday, April 15, 2011

Today’s Adventure: Mississippi Children’s Museum

Or how to get lost going somewhere you’ve been before.  Really, my iphone is trying to get me lost in the worst parts of town.


Last night it was strip joints and places I”m sure were selling illegal substances…….  Doors were very locked and windows were rolled up tight.



This was a surprisingly large children’s museum, and the hit of the museum was definitely the upper floor.  The kids LOVED building their own house, and working the construction equipment.  It was fascinating to them.




I thought the “Go through the human digestive system” exhibit was rather hilarious.  Especially since it had sound effects and ended with you being flushed down the toilet.


Okay, really REALLY gross, but rather funny to hear the kids reactions.  So, there you see Superman just after having been flushed down the toilet.



After trying my best to tire the kids out so they’d be relatively calm going over to Grandma and Grandpa’s house, we headed over.  The kids again spent the majority of the evening torturing entertaining the dogs.




While Mom and I spent the evening like this.  Reminiscing looking at old photo albums, the majority of which I was pre-verbal, and finding some rather amusing pictures and stories written by myself as a kid.


I don’t know if I was amused or disturbed to discover my writing style has not changed much from being in high school.

So, I found many wonderful old gems:

IMG_1084 IMG_1078 IMG_1083

I think my favorite is the one on the right above.  I did a double take when I saw it in the pictures because that could have been me and Wendy, but it’s my Mom and me as a baby.  The other amusing thing to me is I think it’s the first picture I’ve seen of my Mom wearing glasses.


And we couldn’t leave Grandma and Grandpa’s house without getting pictures with them, and she got all dolled up to take the pictures.

IMG_1082Now the ridiculous thing is we forgot to get pictures with my Aunt and cousin who we spent all the nights talking with until late hours of the night like…….  9:30.  You just can’t stay out all that late with kiddos.


It was great visiting family, but the kids are getting very VERY antsy to get home and see their Daddy.  They’ve got great plans of presents they want to get for Daddy because “He probably misses us and is very sad.  Can we get him coffee?  And a grown up movie we can watch with Daddy?  But, one that’s not too scary.”


So, now we’re on the lookout for a present for Daddy.  I nixed getting him Scooby Doo, and about a dozen other animated things.

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