Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beach party!

IMG_1298 Let’s go surfing now

Everyone is learning how

Come on a safari with me!


Does anyone else think that last line makes no sense?  Or is that just me?


IMG_1301 IMG_1300


IMG_1308 IMG_1305

Aw man, I thought I had a photo of Sean’s completed castle, but apparently I don’t.  Maybe some kind Aunt Jenn will be nice and send me a picture………  I could trade her funny pictures of Sean playing with the boys.  I know silly pictures are not unusual……..


We’re planning another trip by the beach today (these are from earlier in the week), and hopefully we’ll successfully collect some fun shells.  I found the perfect shell identification booklet for the kids to find out what we’ve caught!  I can’t wait to sue it.

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