Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Connecticut: P.T. Barnum


One of the things I’m loving about doing geography with other families is form time to time one of the other moms or the kids will teach the lesson, and often times they’ll go in a completely different direction than I would.


She read several books on the cirucs and one book on P.T. Barnum (who’s from Connecticut), and then showed off some tin can stilts (she made her differently than I made mine).  All of the kids loved trying these, maybe I’ll make some spaghetti again………

We went to the table and everyone got busy coloring their big top circus tents……

With some adult help they were able to put together some very cute tents (detailed instructions at the link).

Here’s Princess’ tent.  The kids were disappointed you can’t cut out the door or the structure of the tent is not sufficient to stay standing up.  But, the lid is removable, so you can store all sorts of stuff in there…….
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