Monday, May 9, 2011

Uh oh, the door is locked

IMG_1311That would  be what I said after checking the door to look in on Princess who was sent to time out for being way too worked up.  She’d gotten quiet and we thought she’d fallen asleep.

After spending ten to fifteen minutes using various implements (bobby pins did not work, nor did tooth picks), Jeff went over to try and he pushed on the door and it came open.  While it was closed the door was not latched.




And we went in and Princess was quite asleep.  She tried her best to sleep through being picked up and put in the car, and the first few holes of mini golf.  Which I apparently suck at.

IMG_1319 IMG_1318 IMG_1321

IMG_1322 IMG_1323 IMG_1326

There was much fun frivolity and goofy poses to be had.



And Uncle Sean had a blast climbing up the dragon……  He was quite proud of himself.  Very proud.  Luckily the boys weren’t big enough to try and climb it themselves.  Otherwise we might of had a repeat of our trip two years ago with another ER trip…….  But, at least Galveston does have one of the best ERs we’ve seen.


So, Summer bucket list mini golf, check.  And I”m sure we’ll do this at least one more time because the kids said they want to go to the other side of the golf course with the fish and the turtle……

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