Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Connecticut: Nathan Hale

Pop quiz: What is Nathan Hale famous for saying?


I’ll put the answer in the comments section after a few people have guessed.  I love to collect quotes, and this was one of the first ones I memorized.  Why?  No clue, it amuses me.  Much like Patrick Henry’s “Give me liberty, or give me death” speech.  Melodramatic?  You bet!

So, Connecticut has for two of it’s state symbols a state hero and state heroine.  Since I’ve long admired Nathan Hale, and because I knew there was no chance of finding a book on the heroine I opted to read about him.  And I loved the book.  Seriously, great for this state.



After reading the book and talking about their state heroine as well, we glued pictures of their statues onto a paper that summarized why they were heroes.


The pages were made by copying the material from the links above and putting a picture of the statue below to be cut out and glued on.  Super simple, but it conveys all the information without having to write a lot.  Since it’s not my creation really I’m not sharing it, but you can get the idea.


014Super simple, right?  But, why should I keep it simple.


So, I set them to making peg dolls of their chosen hero or heroine.  Not too surprisingly the choice split along gender lines.  All the girls chose to make Prudence (who they thought looked like a boy in her picture), and all the boys chose to make Nathan.




Can you tell which one I made and which one is Superman’s?  Poor guy went through two different clothespins before I gave him a peg doll, and even then he wasn’t happy with how it turned out.


Oh, and I’ve decided I need to order these in bulk, I really love how they look as people.

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