Saturday, May 7, 2011

We’re in Galveston!



And so far the kids have chased Uncle Sean.  A LOT.  I”d show you more pictures, but it was dark and most of them didn’t turn out.  Just imagine a lot more pictures of kids wrestling and chasing Uncle Sean.


All we’ve heard since we got here yesterday afternoon was “When will we go to the beach?” Repeat this over and over again.


IMG_1284 IMG_1286 IMG_1287 IMG_1278

And we had fun going to Rainforest Cafe.  The kids loved it, Jeff and I mostly enjoyed it until there was a mix up with the bill that means we’re not sure we’ll go again.  Or we will, and just be more careful about what we order.


So, if you don’t see me commenting as much, you’ll know why.  We’re in Galveston, and I’m looking forward to a fun week with my Mom celebrating Mother’s Day.

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