Monday, May 16, 2011

The Last Martin


Synopsis: Martin Boyle is in Junior High, and he has weird parents.  His Dad is constantly going to historical reenactments and is never home.  His Mom is convinced that he will died from some strange disease in nature if she lets him go outside.  On top of that he’s pretty sure he’s going to die in 3 months when his cousin is born.  You see there’s a family curse, “There can be only one Martin Boyle,” and his cousin is going to be named ‘Martin Boyle,’ how can he break this curse?


That’s a brief synopsis.  I really enjoyed this novel.  It reminded me a bit of one of my favorite authors, Dyanna Wynne Jones, and by a bit I mean a lot.  There’s a delightful bit of absurdity to be found as you read through the book, and I like a little bit of absurd. 


All in all, out of the box of books I got from Zonderkidz this is MY favorite.  The boys are still regularly rereading “Berenstain Bears and the Gossip Gang,” and Princess has kept “Princess Grace and the Lost Kitten” in her bed for at least a month.  I’d say if you’re looking for a young adult book, or have a kid who’s reading at about a 5th grade reading level (and is mature enough to handle something aimed at that age range), totally get this one!


Disclosure: I was given a copy of this book by Zonderkidz.  That did not influence my opinion in any way.  I just like the book.

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