Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bible Alive: baby Moses

Our Sunday school class is slowly but surely moving through our study of Moses.  One of the activities I opted for us to do was a baby Moses craft.  Why not turn a whole classroom full of 2nd and 3rd graders loose with paint?

Moses craft

Supplies needed: paint brush and palette, brown paint, milk carton, fabric, peg doll, markers


Let me just tell you when you’re traveling in a hotel you get weird looks when you ask people to save their milk cartons……  Just saying…..


Moses craft


1.  First, obviously wash your milk cartons out.


2.  Cut the cartons in half.  If needed glue the top closed (that’s why the paper clip is on the half there).


Moses craft


3.  Let the kids paint the cartons.  Allow enough time to dry.  It’ll take at least 20 minutes from my experience.  There’s always that one kid who goes with the Shakespeare adage “Paint it on an inch thick!”



Moses craft


4.  While the paint is taking forever to dry color your baby Moses.


5.  Cut a small square of fabric for his blanket.


Moses craft

Then admire how nice and snug Moses looks in his basket.  You should have seen how homey the girls made their baskets.  They carefully got a couple of blankets and made him nice and comfy.  The boys……  Ummmm, their Moses did not look so nice and cute.  More violent, ready to destroy someone.


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