Friday, June 24, 2011

Our curriculum choices for next year

Because let’s face it all homeschoolers love to see what everyone else is using for their school year.  It’s part of our curiosity or what have you………

I was going to separate out what the boys are doing and what Princess is doing, but let’s face it.  She insists she’s 6 whenever it’s convenient for her, so she’s doing mostly the same things.  She’s just a couple of month behind in math, and she does less of the writing than they do.  She does more tracing.  That’s the main difference.

Apologia Swimming Creatures of the Fifth Day- All ocean animals all the time.  My kids are so excited!  I didn’t know how many of their favorite animals were ocean animals until we started this study.  We’ve done a couple of chapters, and we’re probably going to repeat the ones we’ve already done.  We’d be going through it a lot faster if I hadn’t cough cough misplaced my book cough cough.  That’s what happens when you haul it around everywhere.  I think it’s in a suitcase somewhere……..  Which one is the question.  I’d guess we’ll finish this mid-way through the year and just move on to land animals.

First Language Lessons- grammar, copywork, memorization, all of it in one book?  Awesome!  It’s a fairly gentle introduction to the material, so I think this will be a good fit for us.

Bob Books- I know last year I said we’d be using Sing, Spell, Read, Write this year too, but as I got further into it I ran into the problem the readers that came with it are just way too long for my kids right now.  One of the beginning first grade readers is 50 pages long for one story.  So, we’re going to be using Bob books for now, I’m curious to see if All About Spelling gets their other reading levels out soon because that might be the answer…..  We’ll see.

All About Spelling- I think this combined with Bob Books and the various other readers I have will be quite enough to get them spelling.  It’s a lot like Open Court Phonics which I used when teaching and I loved that.  We’re part of the way through book 1, in case you can’t tell I don’t really worry about finishing things according to any sort of school year.  At some point soon I’ll have a post up about different ways to practice spelling.  I’m still thinking through that.

Time Travelers Colonial Life- This is part one of a six part series on American history that we’ll be doing with another family.  I’m really looking forward to history with this family.  It’s going to be very interactive, only downside is it will be a lot of printing.  A LOT.

Math U See Alpha- I wrote a detailed review of Math U See last year, and the boys continue to love it.  Princess is struggling with it, and I think it’s mostly maturity, not academics that is her problem, so I’m trying to figure out how to balance all of that.

Educating Layton has a Homeschool Curriculum Round up (that is hopefully still going on), that I’ll be linking this up to.

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