Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Bucket List: new park, check!



Just a week ago a BRAND NEW park opened up a couple of miles from our house.  We headed there last week along with a large portion of the town.  Okay, only about 200 other kids.


Now, my kids wanted to eat first, so we sat and ate our lunch at oh……. 10:45.  Which would explain why I was so hungry later that day.



Finally they were willing to play, and instead of heading straight over to the water like I thought they played in the sand.  For what seemed like an eternity to me.  But, the sand was nicely shaded, so I was happy to sit and watch.


Finally we headed to the water……….  And they found their perfect spot, the slide.


Where they got slowly more adventurous.


I must say, this is better than some of the other splash parks because  the water elements are more spread out, but the park does have an entry fee ($1 a person, not much, but not free).  I found this great review of the park if you want to see more pictures.


Now head on over to Little Wonder Days to see some other fun summer bucket activities people have done!

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