Thursday, June 16, 2011

Treasure Island

We were at Half Price Books a few weeks ago and the kids found this:



They love it!  No, seriously, they love all of the flaps and things to pull out.  I can’t blame them, I love things like that too.  I have a small arsenal of books like that, Romans, Fairies, more fairies, mythology, etc……

make a treasure map


So, we decided to make our own treasure maps, and in honor of trying to pare down on craft supplies and because it’s so much cooler this way we drew them on canvas.




So, they happily spent a while coloring their own treasure maps.  I think crayon on canvas look very cool.  Afterwards I took it upstairs to set the crayon in the canvas, which the kids could just as easily have done without.


They spent the rest of the afternoon happily wandering around finding treasures galore.  Added bonus, you could let them put their treasures in their box from earlier this week.

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