Sunday, June 5, 2011

Science Sunday: Dentist visit

Science Sunday

Or the one where I have to face that “My babies are growing up!”

Also known as, my boys are about to lose their first baby teeth.


The kids got to find out all sorts of stuff as we went to the dentist, I love our dentist (and that’s saying a lot because I hate going with a passion), and they do such a great job of explaining things at the kids’ level.

So, they explained all about “sugar bugs,” which is why you need to brush your teeth, and why you need to not eat too much sugary foods.

She was also able to explain to the kids why it was their mouths were hurting sometimes recently.  They got to look at x-rays of their mouths and saw how the new teeth are growing in.

Don’t you just love it when science is nice and simple?  It was such a great learning experience for everyone!

Sigh, helps if you schedule for the right time......
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