Saturday, June 4, 2011

What My Child is Reading: Audio Books


We’ve been doing a bunch of traveling recently and we love to listen to books on CD when we’re on the road.  I thought I’d highlight our favorites.


The kids’ hands down favorite is “Hank the Cowdog,” this is a series that each adventure runs about 3 CDs long.  It’s got some fun characters, the voices are well done, and great characterization, though very formulaic.


Thor’s Wedding Day- I’m a HUGE fan of Bruce Coville, he writes some great children’s fantasy books, and this was a huge hit with all of us, and had the added bonus of being about Viking mythology.  A big plus for Jeff.  I do NOT recommend the audio book of “Jeremy Thatcher Dragon Hatcher,” but I do love to read the book.


Spiderwick Chronicles- I love this series, the audio is okay, but there was mixed results in listening to this. 


Igraine the Brave- love this book, and the audio didn’t disappoint either.


And as always we love Adventures in Odyssey.


For actual books in print people are reading head on over to Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns.

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