Friday, June 17, 2011

Favorite Resource this week: Education Cubes

Favorite Resource This Week
Ages ago I won the chance to use Education Cubes, and I’ve mentioned it once or twice using them.  Well, we used them again a few weeks ago, and this is a great way to have fun and not totally forget what you learned this year.

1.  Write the material you want to cover all over your sidewalk using chalk.  We are reviewing simple addition and sight words.

2.  Everybody roll a different die (I had to make them change colors, otherwise each kid would review the same six things).  Than try to be the first one to your answer.

Repeat over and over and over again!


Back when I first wrote this post I did it partially to show off the Education cubes, and then I forgot to put in the link to the site for them.  My brain is dead sometimes.

Education Cubes Show & Tell
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