Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Great Wall of China


Little known fact: It’s made of play dough.
NO really.

And, it’s guarded by little play dough men.

Or, we learned about China, and how they built the Great Wall to keep out the invading hordes, and how better to get it through their thick little skulls (they need to be thick to protect them from their head wounds, I could almost make that a whole category, did you know I almost went to the ER again a few days ago).
And then we learned about the Terra Cotta army, and all of the great detail put into it.  Right now, at 12:42 am I’m not remembering the name of the crazy emperor who decided to build that (though that is an improvement on burying your servants with you), so you’ll just have to wonder.

I think I might go to bed.  See, I have one kid at home right now, and she’s a night owl too (staying up until 10:30 or so), and so I’m staying up way later than I usually would……..

Ha ha ha ha ha, clearing out the drafts page and saw this one in there.  I don't even know why I almost went to the ER at the end of April.  Shows how common or often it's been.
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