Monday, January 18, 2010

the Art Box: painting and such stuff

pipe cleaner,kid craft

The boys continued to have fun with pipe cleaner creations. I think this is going to be the last of these for a while, because they've found all the ones I know of that I have.

play dough,kid craft

Here's Princess' description "She's the bad guy (Jesse from Toy Story) and she trapped the baby and the kitten." And I was corrected when I called her Jesse, "No Mommy, she's a bad guy."


I'm not sure if this is a self portrait or what it is, but either way she quite happily told me that is a girl.

art,Nursery Rhyme,painting

Batman happily told me "This is my monster. He is so big he eats people."

math,math U See

They invented all sorts of stories with their blocks, sadly I can't remember most of them. The kids happily told me all of it. Mainly I remember that the ones are "the guys," and they used the hundreds board for the houses.

So, that's our COOL art for the week. Most of this isn't really planned projects, just stuff they found in our house that I didn't get put away in time. Or let them do to occupy themselves while I worked with their brother or sister.

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