Friday, January 15, 2010

The mess my kids made while I was on the phone

So.......  I was happily talking on the phone and I heard way too many happy giggles for them to be behaving.  Here's what I found:


Sorry, for it being blurry, I took the picture really fast with my phone after I got off of it.

They had taken a bag of chips, my favorite type of chips, and poured it into little bowls.  They then poured water into these bowls so there was a soggy mess.  There was also spilled water all over the floor as they made their "soup," and they got the chips too.  So, there were soggy chips on the floor.  They tried to cover this up by putting a towel on top of it.

Then while I was grabbing a towel to give to them to clean this up, Superman found the egg shells I was saving to take out to the garden, and for some reason he crumpled them up and spread them all over the floor.

They spent 20 minutes cleaning this up.  All the while complaining it was too hard, and they needed help.

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