Saturday, January 23, 2010

What we didn't read this week

So.......  I'm sure you're not at all surprised to learn we didn't really read all that much this week.  Unless you count watching lots of Reading Rainbow episodes on DVD.

Instead Princess got her way and I read to her an insanely large number of Clifford books.  We go through phases of being wildly in love with Clifford and reading his books nonstop.  For a short period of time 6 months ago it seemed like I couldn't find Clifford books fast enough to suit them.

And, here's my confession time.....  Are you ready.

I very briefly considered giving the kids to the first taker on Thursday.  It was one of those days where I swear they were trying to see who could drive Mom craziest.  The whininess.  The crying.  The "Mommy hold me," and that was from the kids who didn't have surgery.  She was much worse.

But, the good news is that after that horrible day on Thursday it was like someone came and switched the horrible kids and gave me mostly pleasant ones.  Aside from major meltdown problems about who was sitting next to me at lunch everyone was good.  And I so needed that after Thursday.

But, I guess it all gets better when you go in to check on the "Sleeping Beauty," and this is what you see.



Isn't that cute?  She's sleeping in our room for the duration of her cast.
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