Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Mommy craft: Dave Ramsey wallet

I'll tell you right now, this is a quick and dirty craft that you could easily make look much nicer, but I was making this for 36 people, and completed all of them in 2 hours (minus the part they did at the MOPS meeting).

Now, into my rambling intro.  I'm sure this totally shocks all of you, but I'm the creative activities director for our local MOPS group (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers).  Our topic for the night was budgeting, and I suggested making a wallet for the different categories of spending you would use cash for.  And that's the genesis of the craft.  Okay, it's not as interesting as it seemed when I first thought of this.  I think I had something else I was going to tell everyone.

Supplies needed: felt (either 2 sheets of felt or 1/4 yard), zipper sandwich bags, sewing machine or stapler, yarn, felt scraps, embroidery thread, buttons, address labels, or stickers

1.  If you're using yardage of felt cut a rectangle of felt 7 by 14 inches.  If you are using the 8x11 sheets cut two 7 inch squares.

2.  Gather as many sandwich bags as you think you have categories.  As a side note, you could also use this to create a homemade book for your kids where they could take the pieces out to tell the story.  We have some leftover that I'm going to use for this sometime.

Mommy craft,felt,Dave Ramsey

3.  Stack the bags on top of the felt.  Make sure to have the bottom towards the middle of your felt, and they need to be carefully aligned.

Mommy craft,felt,Dave Ramsey

4.  Fold the felt in half and pin it closed.  This is super important, these bags are slippery and otherwise they will slip out on you, or only be partially enclosed in the seam.

Mommy craft,felt,Dave Ramsey

5.  Sew it.  I figured out that a half inch seam allowance was just about perfect.

Now you have your basic wallet.  This is all I did for in preparation for the craft.  Here's what I left to them as ways to decorate it themselves:

1.  You could use scrap felt or other fabric and appliqué something cute on it.

2.  You could put a piece of yarn on the back and a button on the front and make it close.  For the Moms that night we had them cut a small hole on either side and put some yarn through it to be able to tie it closed.

3.  You could put stickers on the bags inside to "make it pretty."

Really you're only limited by your imagination.  Oh, and I put stapler as an alternative for if you don't have a sewing machine, because I don't think this would work as a hand-sewing project.

Linking this up to Treasures for Tots, a super cool blog I found last week that has lots of felt ideas, and just cool sewing projects, and I think I'm going to start drooling over the felt food they've featured.
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