Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Princess is in surgery now, or will be at some point today


At some point today Princess will be going into surgery.  As I write this on Friday, my heart is mostly at peace with this.  The doctor is a good doctor, and it is a fairly routine outpatient surgery.  However, I'm also remembering how her brother did coming out of his surgery last fall.  When he came out of the anesthesia he was violent and ripped out his IV, and was generally mad at the world.  It took almost half an hour before he calmed down.  So, I'm a little worried she might react like that.  I have to admit I do like this picture though, there's something funny about her eating salad bigger than her face.


I'm also a little worried for the next few days after the surgery.  She's going to be in two casts.  She should be able to walk with them, but she's a bit of a klutz normally, I'm worried about with two casts on.  That, and trying to keep her relatively calm for a while because I don't want her running around with casts.  I'm very blessed that my Mom is keeping the boys for the night and during the surgery.

I'm sure I'll be posting later today that the operation was successful, and be sharing a picture of Princess with her pink casts, but right now I'm wool-gathering a little and borrowing trouble.  So, everyone be praying all goes well.

Oh, and my friend with cancer will have had his latest scans yesterday, be praying there's some good news to be had when they get results back.
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